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As a leading provider of TD-SCDMA technology and solutions and on the strength of its abundant TDD expertise, Datang Mobile continues to develop innovative TD solutions and products, keeping pace with growing high-speed data service demands in order to provide the absolute best TD-SCDMA network solutions and TD-SCDMA system equipment for China Mobile.

Full Coverage

Datang Mobile provides a wide range of full-coverage solutions, including:Large venue solution;Metro coverage solution;High-speed mobile coverage solution, marine coverage solution for better user experience, and water system coverage solution.

Smooth Evolution

The TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE common platform design can enable smooth evolution from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE so as to rapidly upgrade the network and best protect the existing investment.Currently, Datang Mobile's TD-SCDMA NodeB equipment can operate in both common mode and conversion mode with TD-LTE eNodeB equipment.

Networking Optimization/Planning

Datang Mobile aims to enrich the user experience and promote optimum network performance as it strives to be the most reliable professional service partner for operators by leveraging outstanding TD service solutions and network products, abundant engineering experience, strong innovation competence, sound project management and quality guarantee.

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