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As an influential promoter of TD-LTE, Datang Mobile can provide comprehensive end-to-end TD-LTE solutions, from UE to eNodeB to ePC for operators and industry customers alike.Furthermore, Datang Mobile is poised for the commercial deployment of its TD-LTE products and solutions developed in a number of countries globally, and is implementing a global development strategy with major telecom operators throughout the world.

TD-LTE Common Solutions

The TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE common platform design can enable smooth evolution from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE so as to rapidly upgrade the network and best protect the existing investment.Currently, Datang Mobile's TD-SCDMA NodeB equipment can operate in both common mode and conversion mode with TD-LTE eNodeB equipment.

TD-LTE End-to-End Solutions

During the TD-LTD phase, Datang Mobile can provide customers with a full complement of end-to-end LTE solutions, and high-speed, low-cost and premium LTE service applications, including core, access and test terminals, to help customers to optimize their network performance, future migration and expansion ability.

8-Antenna Dual-layer Beamforming Technology

With a view to enabling smooth evolution from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE and to accomplishing a low-cost and rapid network upgrade, Datang Mobile worked with TD-LTE 8-antenna dual-layer beamforming technology for TD-LTE outdoor macro cell coverage.

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