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TD Support Dedicated Network: TDeN Industry Application Solutions

Industry dedicated network application mostly include mine, nuclear power station, war industry, electric power and petroleum which are sensitive fields with important stratagem significance, they are very strict in security, confidentiality and reliability of communication network. Therefore, as the 3G standard which is mastered by China independently, network construction of TD-SCDMA is certain to play a significant role in maintenance of national security and stability.

As the TD-SCDMA standard proposer, the core technology developer and industrialization advocator, DTmobile not only can serve public mobile communication network construction, but also can support national major infrastructure construction and important stratagem field by accumulation of TD field for many years and great research ability. TDeN system which has be designed for industry users by DTmobile is on the basis of TD-SCDMA technology according to characteristics of TD dedicated network; It can provide service with low cost and high quality for producting management and living needs of industry users, and it is miniaturization TD-SCDMA dedicated network system. TDeN system is best technical solution of industry new-construction and transformation dedicated network with good network performance, high security, reliability and low cost of network construction.

As a new mobile communication technology with high starting point, TDeN will bring a new application experience for industry users.


This system solution has the following features: advanced technique, rich types of traffic, reliable and private, good performance, stable and reliable, dedicated network for special user and more dedicated, good quality of network and service.

Integrated traffic communication network
TDeN supports rich service types: high quality voice services, multiparty call, videophone, point to point short message, digital cluster system dispatching, video monitoring, interconnection with public network, unified dispatch of wired telephony and wireless telephony and other data services.
Flexible networking, strong service expansion ability
High efficiency of frequency spectrum, broad covering, easy to network planning and maintenance; the device of dedicated network is miniaturization, and fiber pull distributed base station technology is adopted, dedicated network system can be small or large and can custom flexibly according to different scenes, flexible networking; free upper application interfaces is provided by open platform for ease of service expansion.
Multi-point interconnection and free roaming
Multi-point interconnection, unified numbering plan was adopted by each node and the call between the nodes can be implemented by dialing extension number directly, so that the users shall not feel geographic difference.
Good compatibility
TDeN can compatible with TD terminals which are produced by different manufacturers and used in public network, and TDeN can be interconnected with PBX and office switches which are produced by mainstream equipment manufacturers.
Suitable for various kinds of enterprise operation environment
Simple structure, compact system model and easy to install, standard frame design , can be used in enterprises with different types.
High reliability and security
3G international communication standards with self-owned intellectual property rights, safe and confidential; system performance is stable and telecom-level reliability assurance is provided.
Realization the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction
The device of dedicated network is miniaturization, decrease auxiliary devices such as machine rooms and air-conditions, reduce the energy consumption and emission greatly, and realize the harmonious development of network and environment while reducing the cost of industry users.
Advanced TD-SCDMA technique, powerful supporting dedicated network construction
Validation and temper of China mobile network ensure system performance fully stable, and achieve telecom carrier-grade standards; because of the homologous technology, dedicated network can carry with public network, and get long-term optimization and development; synchronizing with public network, make the products of TD-SCDMA becoming a real sense of mass products, and the cost will be reduced greatly, cheap and fine devices can be provided for dedicated network users.

Typical Application

The application is coal mine, nuclear power station, military industry, electric power, petroleum, civil air defense and large enterprises which have their demands for dedicated network and the fields which have higher requirement for communication security, confidentiality and reliability.

Innovation & Evolution
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