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Network Planning

The refinement of the network planning applications not only to help operators to allocate the overall network resources statically, but also need to reflect the local site for the dynamic changes, reducing unnecessary investigation costs and the reduction of planning and adjustment time, Then the optimal network resource will be adjusted rationality.

DT Mobile present the SPAN NPS and SPAN RFPO solutions which can work out a comprehensive solution to the whole network dynamically and statically, They can planning for different stages of the planning needs of the network more increasingly sophisticated and automated, Then the solution can meet the matching the real wireless environment.


Static network planning of the whole network (SPAN NPS)
Comprehensiveness: Support TD-SCDMA/HSDPA/MBMS/HSUPA system planning; support TD-SCDMA and GSM co-planning
Accuracy: Compare the actual drive test to the SPAN NPS network simulation data, whether RSCP or C / I ,the test results are very consistent, fully illustrated SPAN NPS tool could accurate simulate the network construction after situation.
Professional: providing professional pre-planning tool to help users quickly scale computing network and investment; comprehensive TD / GSM data modeling (including smart antenna modeling, TD modeling of network equipment, etc.); simulation parameter setting and comprehensive consider the characteristics of TD-SCDMA equipment; point analysising and other tools to facilitate the analysis of specific problems;
Advanced: the evolution of planning software R & D update and synchronize the master device; learning from experiences in building engineering, simultaneous correlation algorithm optimization software update.
Local dynamic optimization solution (SPAN RFPO)
Automatic Planning: including of frequency planning, scrambling code planning, and neighborhood planning three functions, the frequency scrambling code planning is to adapt to a variety of scenarios (combination of frequency scrambling code planning, clustering plan, plan to open Base stations, indoor area) rapid planning needs, the neighborhood planning is to provide TD-TD neighborhood, TD-GSM adjacent areas, GSM-TD neighborhood planning function
Automatic Optimization: Automatic optimization adjacent function can be based on drive testing, based on the output of the ANR RNC data in different data from the analysis of each area of the TD and the GSM adjacent areas, and the optimization solutions were more fitting the actual wireless environment.
Planning parameters of the verification: The main purpose for the neighborhood and the same frequency area which have the scrambling code, and it can support the community to display and modify graphical verification.

Typical Application

As the support of the industry's first commercial TD-SCDMA network planning software, SPAN NPS has been used in nearly a hundred cities in the country to pre-plan the TD-SCDMA network ,and It’s also a important tool in the construction of China Mobile TD network planning and design

The SPAN RFPO features is automatic planning and optimizing to a variety of scenarios for the rapid planning and optimization, and It’s also widely used to adjust the station's neighborhood planning and optimization of the frequency code throughout the countrywide projects

Innovation & Evolution
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