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A bridge for communication: Outdoor WLAN solution

For outdoor coverage applications, Datang Mobile uses the Wireless Mesh solution. On the strength of years of accumulated wireless expertise and based on the most advanced wireless network technology ¨C Wireless Mesh - Datang Mobile developed a new WLAN outdoor coverage solution.


Datang Mobile plans to use MESH AP to enable 100% coverage in public places up to 32 square kilometers in area. Mesh AP is installed on roadside electricity poles, therefore having convenient access to electricity. As shown in the following diagram:

Datang Mobile uses mesh networking. With built-in WLAN smart networking in various multiple carrier base stations, the wireless broadband networking system can be completed in a short timeframe. Small networks can be set up in seconds, which makes them ideal for emergency response networking. The base station networking can accommodate any arrangement and interlinking of computers, so as to flexibly meet requirements in different networking environments. The network nodes can be increased or decreased at any time and in any place.

The Mesh network can automatically adjust and adapt. As a result, the relocation of equipment and expansion of a wireless broadband network is very straightforward. The base station can monitor connectivity at all times and in all situations, and will address any connection failures, thus maintaining the connectivity and redundancy of the network. Repair time is exceptionally fast - it can be effected in one second or less. Dynamic perception of environmental change to optimize the network: As determined by the wireless environment and service requirements, it automatically optimizes the transmission links between base stations, including determination of the best transmission links and rates. High reliability: Every node has multiple communication links with all other nodes. Even during emergency and critical situations including wars, natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, terrorist attacks, emergency incidents, and malicious sabotage, the network can still operate normally. Even in the event of failure or sabotage in one node, the network as a whole will continue operating unaffected. Strong multi-hop transmission: Each node can transmit data to all others, with broadband loss at each hop less than 5% and a delay increase of less than 2ms.In actual conditions, the network can accommodate more than 10 hops. Through powerful mesh transmission, laying of the network in actual conditions lends itself to great variation as well as having higher network reliability and more flexible applications. Adaptive RF planning: It has dynamic perception of the surrounding wireless environment, and automatically proceeds with RF allocation and optimization. In addition, the wireless environment is analyzed independently of frequency changes and other factors, and with forecasting and preparation functions incorporated into the characteristics models, it can proactively re-plan RF in anticipation of an incident. Mesh AP can be flexibly configured to accommodate different types of coverage antenna, with options to choose either whip antenna or directional antenna depending on site conditions.

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