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Datang Mobile provides digital urban administration, emergency response command, smart city card, digital community, digital park, digital agriculture, digital mine, wireless application and other IOT solutions.

Digital City Administration

The DCA enables urban administration law enforcement authorities to collect and report information in relation to key organizations, temporary vendor structures, illegal structures, and those who breach urban administration regulations. Background control system staff and those who process violations are able to examine real-time development of violation situations through the GIS and video surveillance system.

Emergency-Response Command

The digital city designed by Datang Mobile incorporates an emergency response command function. The emergency response command system enables the government and other public instrumentalities to, in the prevention of, response to, processing of and management of emergencies, implement all necessary measures to protect life and property by instituting an essential emergency response mechanism that is based on high-tech devices and facilities such as GPS, GIS, video surveillance, and so on.

Smart City Card

The government has initiated the Smart City Card project. The card has many functions ranging from ID confirmation to financial services.

Digital Community

This centers on a smart and comprehensive digital community management platform, and integrates various functions including websites, wireless applications, smart video surveillance, emergency response for the elderly, information security and call centers. It realizes collection, processing, transporting and display, and a high degree of integration and sharing of community information, and mobilizes service to the community, families and individuals.

Digital Park

The so-called "digital park"is a new and different ecological environment, which is based on information technology, and designed and constructed consistent with life in the information age. It caters for the particular requirements of startups, provides an infrastructure for business operations, and takes people's lives and lifestyles into consideration.All the entities in the digital park, such as government, business enterprises, and research institutes as well as the wider community are able to conduct their affairs in the digital space of the network, and all the activities in the park can proceed likewise.

Digital Agriculture

The agricultural IOT model, an application of the IOT in agricultural production and management, collects a wide range of agricultural data, and monitors and controls the entire agricultural production process via user terminals, and wireless sensor, mobile communication and cable networks.

Digital Mine

Digital mine is the application of a digital earth model in mine exploitation.Digital earth refers to a multi-resolution, three-dimensional representation of the planet, into which vast quantities of geo-referenced data can be embedded.

Wireless Applications

Wireless applications are mainly embodied in corporate information releasing platforms which disseminate real-time critical corporate production data and production alarms to the mobile terminals of senior staff, in order that they can make decisions about the operations of the development and emergency responses of the enterprise.

Intelligence Management System

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