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Digital multimedia information distribution

Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution mode integrates the diversity and vitality of multimedia video information. It can manage information distribution both remotely and centrally and can update content at any time so as to expedite delivery of up-to-date information to engaged parties. The system can implement multi-point automatic remote download of advertising video content, update information distribution in real-time, and display the advertising video and information in group and split screen. It supports live broadcast and directional insertions for a more colorful and appealing display effect. It can also ensure content security through a multilayer encryption mechanism.


Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution system is based on the Linux OS. It comprises system management, authority management, materials management, distribution management and monitoring systems. It is specifically designed for large broadband networks, WANs and other complicated networks. It is complete with authority management, task checking and control, and MD5 checking for file uploads and downloads to enable capability to deal with the range of problems that the network may encounter.

System security and reliability
The server uses the Linux system. The digital media terminal uses the UcLinux embedded operating system and is equipped with a watchdog facility to trigger automatic recovery in the event of equipment failure. As a result, the system is more stable and it never crashes. It is also highly resistant to viruses, thereby reducing labor, materials and management costs. The digital media terminal is equipped with storage media (CF card or hard disk) for local playback after a program has been downloaded (and note that the program can even be replayed after the network has been disconnected), significantly lowering reliance on the network.
Bandwidth controllability
Program download time can be determined according to network operations (for instance, it could be set to download between 00:00 and 06:00). Consequently, traffic can be monitored and programs downloaded at idle times to ensure normal operation of the main services.
Central network management
The play content can be centrally produced, distributed, managed and maintained in order to reduce labor, materials and management costs, and improve content production and management efficiency.
Remote monitoring
The management platform remotely monitors the digital media terminal to accelerate maintenance responses, lower maintenance costs and improve system efficiency.
In group and split screen The play content can be set according to the region, location or engaged parties to enable better targeted and more efficient focus communication.
The display terminal can display the content in split screen to render it more appealing.
Live broadcasts, regular broadcasts and emergency announcements
Upload video, images, texts (roll titles), PPT and other multimedia files to the server, edit, refine and enhance, and distribute to digital media playback terminals, set various play modes, including loop, regular, insertion, loop signal and live.
Scalability The data server can integrate various industry data sources, such as the customer business system and weather forecast websites to capture and interpret the data in a timely manner
It also features powerful WYSIWYG display configuration and editing functions. The server can meet customized demands, support various information formats, and can accommodate rapid development and deployment of services to meet new demands.

Typical application

Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution system is widely used in the finance, telecom, hospitality, transportation, media and advertising sectors.
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