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One room, one world: Indoor WLAN solution

Datang Mobile provides two WLAN options for indoor coverage projects. In the first, a distributed AP and a combiner are used to merge the WLAN and TD-SCDMA signals, thereby enabling the sharing of a single antenna system. In the second, a special indoor non-suspended AP is used for coverage in inside hotspot areas.


The combiner method of the Datang Mobile indoor non-suspended AP is shown in the following diagram. By combining with the original indoor system, the WLAN signal is evenly distributed to all antenna locations.

Figure: Diagram of the indoor distributed APs

The installation of Datang Mobile's indoor coverage equipment is shown in the following diagram. By deploying the AP separately in hotspot areas, it can accommodate the broadband requirements of a large number of simultaneous users on the WLAN network.

Figure: Diagram showing separately deployed APs

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