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TD SCDMA Femtocell end-to-end system solution

The Femtocell, a tiny base station device, is also known as the home base station or 3G access point. Under the Internet Protocol, Femtocell uses ADSL or LAN broadband connections that are available at the user end as the return link. At the far end, the IP network is connected with the core mobile network via Gateway. Normally, Femtocell has one carrier wave, with transmission power 10-100 of milliwatts, a coverage radius of 50-200m, and supported 4-6 clients. The Femtocell - a plug and play device - is the same size as a modem, and is easily installed and automatically configured. Femtocell is of great interest to many carriers. As it can easily extend to the far reaches of every corner of 3G network construction, it protects carrier investment in the fixed broadband network.

Based on a complete understanding of TDD standards, on R&D experience and strength in TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE, and on research, standards advancement and product predictions for Femtocell, Datang Mobile has launched a full series of Femtocell products from Femtocell AP and GW to core network devices. Now, Datang Mobile is able to provide mature end-to-end solutions. Datang Mobile provides a range of TD Femto system devices and complete solutions, including terminals, home base stations, Femto gateway systems, network administration systems and AAA servers. These equipment packages and solutions assist carriers to promote network performance, enrich user experience, and accommodate an increased number of home users.


The Datang Mobile TD Femtocell system consists of security and media gateways, gateway controllers and administration systems, AP management systems and AAA servers, and has many access approaches. The abovementioned Datang Mobile products together with home base station products at the user end constitute a remarkable TD Femto end-to-end system. The system highlights include:

End-to-end solution
Products include Femto AP, security and media gateways, gateway controllers, AAA servers, and network administration functions.
Flexible networking
Virtual gateway function: The system can simultaneously connect to many core networks in order to facilitate network deployment.
Configuration of the function cards and system modules is straightforward, and the capacity of the system can be easily expanded if market demand so warrants.
Carrier-grade reliability
The gateway system uses carrier-grade ATCA architecture. 1+1 redundancy is used in the design of key parts.
The modular system has many reliable backup plans.
The system supports card plug and play and online upgrades.
Smooth evolution
The Datang Mobile TD Femto solution is completely compatible with services in the current TD-SCDMA public network, and will smoothly transform to marry with future IMS architecture.
LTE Femto gateway functions can be added through subsequent upgrades. The system supports TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE Femto services in the same platform.

Typical Application

The system device is small, uses mainstream 3G network deployment technology, and is readily configured and installed. The system uses a universal, open platform to satisfy the requirements of universal communication and service convergence. The system amplifies indoor TD-SCDMA signal coverage, optimizes voice quality, and increases the number of TD-SCDMA home users. The environmentally-friendly system device consumes low levels of energy and develops compatibly with green communication trends.
Innovation & Evolution
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