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Focusing on systems integration, low cost and high performance, Datang Mobile offers complete end-to-end solutions and products for TD-LTE networks, including core, access and test terminals to assist customers improve network performance and facilitate future evolution and development.


Based on the most mature ATCA architecture, TLE3000 uses high-speed Ethernet connections to provide high-bandwidth, minimal-delay, rapid-access and secure all-IP transmission services.

Datang Mobile's EMB5116 is the industry's first compact high-capacity TD-LTE distributed base station to run on BBU+RRU architecture. In order to maximize product stability and reduce network construction costs, it has been designed for complete compatibility with TD-SCDMA system base station units. Its BBU unit cabinet is only 19 inches wide and 2U high. It has a bandwidth capability up to 120MHz to meet the high-bandwidth and high-rate requirements of LTE networks. It has the highest level of integration capacity of all TD-LTE base station products in the industry, and it also features the best baseband utilization and highest power efficiency available. Due to its small form factor and light weight, it can be installed directly indoor, eliminating the need for equipment room facilities and air-conditioning, thereby enabling low-cost and speedy network construction.

Datang Mobile provides two high-performance RRU models to work with BBU. One is the 8-channel TDRU318D suitable for outdoor macrocell coverage, which is compatible with 4+4 dual-polarized antennas so as to fully enable application of 8-antenna dual-stream beam-forming technology. The other is the 2-channel TDRU332E suitable for outdoor microcell and blind area coverage to ensure the application of 2*2MIMO technology, effectively increase cell throughput and support high-speed TD-LTE data transmission.

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? The full line of end-to-end LTD solutions can realize high-rate, low-cost and high-quality LTE applications.

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