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DPI solution is designed to improve lean management of carriers

Nowadays, P2P flow accounts for 50-70% of total internet data flow. When streaming media and other services are factored in, data flow of new services is tremendous. This tends to render somewhat obsolete the typical wide-bandwidth, low-load IP QoS provision mode, intensifies network congestion, lowers network performance and service quality, and hampers network service development and key services popularization. Furthermore, the extensive use of P2P poses challenges to network information security surveillance. Therefore, carriers increasingly focus on a better understanding of the internet and of mobile network services, on the provision of control and management applications, and on developing effective and manageable networks.


Required by the network administration manageability, controllability and traceability demands of carriers, the Datang Mobile DPI solution monitors, analyzes, manages, optimizes and controls services, signaling, performance, quality and security of fixed bandwidth and mobile network carriers, providing a comprehensive visual management and control solution for network operation, maintenance and administration.

The network administration requirements of the three largest telecom carriers can effectively be accommodated by a number of Dating Mobile DPI solutions, namely:

Network visualization
Carriers can become familiar with applications that occupy bandwidth, such as P2P, WEB TV, streaming media, IM, games, and so on, with major mobile and internet users, with major communities that occupy wider bandwidth, and with mobiles phones that frequently receive services.
Lean management over traffic
DPI is capable of restricting high-consumption, low-value services and users through a number of flexible bandwidth management mechanisms (for example, bandwidth modification, QoS management, speed limitation, acceleration, or blocking) in order to guarantee smooth flow of key services and users and to improve bandwidth use efficiency.
Abundant QoS provision capabilities
According to differentiated QoS demands, the DPI solution can provide CBR, VBR, and UBR services, as well as virtual dedicated line services in an IP network.
Timely detection and suppression of abnormal traffic
The DPI can block abnormal traffic on the network as soon as it is detected, thereby preventing such traffic from affecting the network.
Controls the service quality of the overall network and guarantees the quality of key services
The DPI can control all QoS indexes of all network services, including delay, shake and bandwidth occupation.
The intelligent service performance analysis function can reduce the duration of network failure and minimize service quality deterioration.
Reduces or delays bandwidth input in order to decrease network operation costs
The long-period statistical report generated by the Datang Mobile IPTrend DPI solution shows general use of network bandwidth in the past, at present and in the future, and those links of which practical bandwidth use is less than practical bandwidth portion (of lessees).In terms of WAN connection, the DPI can minimize or postpone any plans to upgrade the network (for instance, upgrade to a gigabit network or procurement of routers).Expenditure can be greatly minimized. Offers scientific decision-making support for bandwidth expansion based on quantifiable rationale:
Transforms passive maintenance into active troubleshooting
Depending on fast failure response and ideal surveillance procedures, IPTrend DPI ensures broadband network operation and improves maintenance efficiency.

Typical Application

The Dating Mobile IPTrend DPI solution is split into the IPTrend parallel data analysis system and the IPTrend serial traffic control system. The IPTrend parallel data analysis system explores services, signaling, performance, quality and security of fixed bandwidth and mobile network carriers; provides comprehensive, visual solutions for network operation, maintenance and administration; summarizes the network behavioral preferences of users; offers operational analysis and decision-making support for carriers; and realizes the network visualization, user classification and services identification network administration objectives.
The IPTrend serial traffic control system explores the traffic and services of fixed bandwidth and mobile network carriers; provides completely visual solutions for network administration, operation and maintenance; and efficiently controls network traffic.
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