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Digital City Administration (DCA) solution

The DCA enables city administration law enforcement authorities to collect and report information in relation to key organizations, temporary vendor structures, illegal structures, and those who breach city administration regulations. Background control system staff and those who process violations are able to examine real-time development of violation situations through the GIS and video surveillance system. The DCA sends city administration information anywhere at any time. The provision of pictures and images helps front-line law enforcers inspect, intercept and search persons who breach city management rules. The GIS will present a regional map to enable law enforcers to grasp current situations, minimize errors and improve working efficiency.


System overview

The system is comprised of the front-end information collection part and the background situation handling and assessment part.
The front-end part contains hotlines, DCA terminals, and other information collection devices and facilities. Smart phones or tablet computers are used as DCA terminals. Information collectors use DCA terminals to report city administration activities via a wireless network to the DCA integrated management platform.
The background part contains a DCM integrated management platform and a call center, which are used for incident/situation registration, task arrangement, inspection and assessment of reported city administration activities. The DCA management platform is deployed on dedicated servers with other units in the same LAN.
Operation flow of the DCA management platform: The loop operation flow encompasses seven procedures - receiving reports, registering incidents/situations, dispatching personnel, processing incidents/situations, transferring processing results, examining processing results, and closing incident/situation files.
Information collection flow: Appropriate managers, supervisors and members of the public pass on city administration problems to the surveillance center via portable DCA terminals, mobile phones, telephones, and city administration web portals.
Incident/situation registration flow: The surveillance center receives problems reported by supervisors, examines the issues, decides whether to register the matter, and then transfer registered incidents/situations to the command center.
Personnel dispatching flow: After the command center receives incident/situation reports transferred from the surveillance center, it delegates the handling of the matter to appropriate divisions.
Task handling flow: Divisions handle incidents/situations in accordance with the directives of the command center and report the results back to the command center.
Results transfer flow: The command center forwards the results forwarded by the various divisions to the surveillance center.
Results examination flow: The surveillance center informs supervisors of the results of the incident/situation processing. The supervisors then confirm the results and report confirmation back to the surveillance center. When the result recommendations have been implemented, the incident/situation file will be either closed, or referred back to the appropriate divisions for re-processing.
Assessment flow: Based on a preset assessment index, index scores, assessment period, and assessment data obtained from city administration web portals, the system evaluates the individual departments responsible for city administration, generates a report for each department, and publicizes certain parts of the assessment results through the public information publishing system.


A comprehensive government affairs management information system integrated with MIS and GIS.
Real-time uploading of activities information through a wireless network.
Integrated with GIS, spatial database and the internet.
Standardized data interfaces and flexible system interfaces realize sharing of online information and resources.
Provides multiple upgrade interfaces to satisfy system expansion demands at all levels.
Innovation & Evolution
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