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Intelligence Management System

Intelligent port solution

The primary aim of the intelligent port solution is to enable electronic, network-empowered, paperless and automated port logistics services so as to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of port logistics services and to thereby improve the economic benefits flowing to ports;Seamlessly connect ports with shipping, railways, roads, depots, freight forwarders, warehouses and other logistics service providers; collect and share information through the logistics information platform; optimize supply chain management; improve logistics services;Improve port management and decision-making through remote scheduling, automatic information collection, storage and processing in order to optimize the port logistics process and organization to improve port logistics services;Integrate information between ports, customs, maritime affairs and commodity inspection authorities to facilitate customs clearance and improve the services delivered by port authorities;Construct a port logistics market information platform, and expand trade, finance, insurance and other back-up services for that market;Integrate port logistics information resources to support intelligent ports and transport systems.

Intelligent transport solution

The unified intelligent transport platform developed by Datang Mobile provides comprehensive application support and management, provision for rapid application, centralized data analysis, hardware/storage/security functions, third-party system integration, system resource sharing and smooth system evolution to deliver a first-class, highly convenient service experience.Datang Mobile’s integrated transport information platform can consolidate transport information by integrating urban transport, road, railway, aviation and maritime information. It does this by accessing various transport information systems, such those that coordinate and control public transport surveillance and dispatch, taxi management, urban smart cards and online ticketing. It can also utilize intelligent transport coordination and control systems and transport participant systems to improve access to transport information by transport systems, transport administrators and other transport participants.

This integrated transport information platform enables improved intelligent transport management and associated services, and promotes the sustainable and stable operation and self-adjustment of urban transport systems. It also facilitates smooth interaction between people, transport and infrastructure in the transport system, and develops smooth, orderly, sustainable, and harmonious regional transport systems.

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