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Focusing on triple play products and solutions, Datang Mobile supports various technologies and business models to enable interconnectivity, interoperability and resource sharing between mobile networks, broadcasting networks and Internet to offer video, voice and data services.

EOC Solutions

The EOC solution facilitates transmission of CATV and IP signals on the same coaxial cable over the last 100 meters of the HFC two-way network without either one interfering with the other. The solution is easily managed and outdoor installation has a low failure rate, low cost, high reliability and broad bandwidth.

Broadband Access Solution for Network Upgrades

With EPON technology, one single fiber can accommodate ordinary telephone traffic, broadband data and analog TV signals to enable FTTH applications.The system is highly scalable to meet the requirements of IPTV, videoconferencing and video surveillance applications.It can also gather data from water, gas and electricity meters, access the terminal and upload the data.


Datang Mobile developed a DPI solution that can improve the lean management of carriers. The solution, consistent with the network administration manageability, controllability and traceability demands of carriers, provides a comprehensive visualized management and control solution for network operation, maintenance and administration.

Multimedia Distribution System

Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution system is based on the Linux OS.It comprises system management, authority management, materials management, distribution management and monitoring systems.

TD Femto

The Femtocell, a tiny base station device, is also known as the home base station or 3G access point.Under the Internet Protocol, Femtocell uses ADSL or LAN broadband connections that are available at the user end as the return link. At the far end, the IP network is connected with the core mobile network via Gateway.

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