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AP (Access Point): WLA1100

Datang Mobile's WLAN products are primarily put to use in WLAN coverage in the 3G+WLAN environments of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, in network coverage in broadcasting and in industrial application environments.

WLAN products are mainly classified into AP (Access Point) and AC (Access Controller) devices. AP is a small wireless base station device that delivers wireless coverage in both indoor and outdoor environments. AC centrally manages and configures APs, and provides user management, RF management, roam control and load balance functions.


Advanced hardware design
All the indoor and outdoor APs are equipped with industry-leading chips to provide high-performance CPU frequency and memory capacity. The whole line of products supports 802.11n.
All the APs support 802.11n. To best protect the investment of the user, with a purchased license they can be upgraded to the 802.11n version without any necessity to upgrade the hardware or software.
They enable WAPI encryption in the hardware.
The WAPI encryption in the hardware will not reduce the data rate and experience of the customer. By contrast, if software is used for encryption, the customer's data rate will be affected.
TD+WLAN convergence scheme
On the strength of our TD-SCDMA expertise, we actively explore a TD+WLAN convergence scheme which can minimize changes in existing network architecture while closely coupling 3G/LTE and WLAN networks.

Application scenario

The product is primarily used for coverage in hotels, malls, office buildings, cafes, libraries and other indoor environments.

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    In wireless network coverage, indoor coverage has been difficult. With the construction of the city's modernization, China's super-large buildings, more and more complex environment of the scene, the capacity demand, to the indoor scenario planning has added a new urgent problems.

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    Focusing on systems integration, low cost and high performance, Datang Mobile offers complete end-to-end solutions and products for TD-LTE networks, including core, access and test terminals to assist customers improve network performance and facilitate future evolution and development.

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