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SPAN Outum (Drive test reception)

SPAN Outum is a tool for TD-SCDMA network for troubleshooting, verification, optimization and maintenance of advanced easy-to-air interface test system.


Device is simple, stable, reliable, and accurate;
Under different network to support multi-standard UE and the TD-SCDMA Scanner connection mode;
Support a variety of portfolio testing, improve test efficiency;
Support GSM / GPRS / EDGE / TD-SCDMA / TD-LTE / HSDPA / HSUPA / MBMS multi-system test;
Support the rich business tests, including: voice testing, voice quality evaluation (MOS) test, video quality assessment test (VMOS), PS Test, Video Phone, Video Streaming testing, support CS, PS combination of business test, locked cell testing, mandatory Switch testing, mandatory re-election testing, and support for automated testing;
Support the comprehensive test data collection: the RF information process physical layer information, business information, layer 2 information, Uu port information, GPS information, device information, test records control information, easy to operate, the data show the flexibility;
Support for pause, play tag, log intercept, latitude and longitude tiles, maps, and other senior functional queries to support a range of custom features, providing complete data export, statistics;
While in the test records to provide historical data analysis, analysis based on key events signaling the air interface, the event to determine a more flexible, more accurate analysis.

Application scenario

Can be used for indoor and outdoor network test different scenarios can be collected and used for all network operators to maintain efficient network data optimization, and an intuitive and flexible way to collect data to maps, tables, charts, forms of real-time display, allowing users of different Testing business easily defined.

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