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TD-SCDMA wireless network controller: TDR3000

The TDR300 is a large-capacity wireless network controller that has been developed by Datang Mobile.The TDR3000 consists of a standard hardware platform, IP switching technology, separate control layer and transaction layer processing, and software distributed processing, so as to equip the system with larger capacity, better modularization, and greater reliability.


High capacity and integration
Provides single-rack solutions, with one single rack supporting at least a million users
The internal connectivity has IP switching, and separate control layer and transaction layer switching
With powerful packet service processing capability, it enables enhanced packet data processing by increasing linear data service processing, so as to support over 3.2 million users when configured with full functions.
Comprehensive reliability assurance mechanism
Has built-in fault and failure detection, isolation, recovery and retroversion
Regular monitoring of key resources, with a task monitoring and resources inspection function
Core card with 1+1 backupKey cards can achieve a configuration with a pooled resources redundancy
The interface supports APS and redundancy configuration.
Flexible user differentiation function that can be customized by the user
Different levels of prioritization of users which reflects the differentiation of services to attract users;high priority users can access the network at any time and from any locationBetter quality of service for high priority users.
Complete interfaces
Support ATM/IP dual-protocol stackingIt can support a range of physical interfaces including E1, STM-1, STM-4, channelized STM-1 interface, POS, CPO, FE, and GE, and has the flexibility to establish networks under different phases and conditions.
Industry-leading wireless resources management algorithm.
The TDR3000 uses Datang Mobile’s patented algorithm for power control, switching, load control, channel allocation and packet dispatching, enabling users to optimize coverage, capacity and quality.
Smooth upgrades
It has been developed based on the R5 protocol version, and can be smoothly upgraded to later versions including R6 and R7.
The system has a modular design, which facilitates smooth online expansion.Once the single board has been started, it can automatically load programs, access internal connectivity data within the system, as well as user’ configuration data, and automatically enter the service status, i.e. plug and play.
The control and user layers of the system are separated, and can be differentially expanded depending on variations in telephone traffic, so as to accommodate different circumstances.

Application scenario

The TDR3000 is a new-generation high-capacity TD-SCDMA wireless network controller based on the all-IP switching platform. It supports the 3Gpp R7 protocol, is compatible with R6, R5 and R4 terminals, and can access the core R6, R5 and R4 networks.

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