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Multimedia distribution system: DTMB3000

Datang Mobile's multimedia distribution system has the capacity for multi-point automatic remote downloading of advertising video content, can effect real-time updates of information distribution, and can display advertising video and information in group and split screen. It supports live broadcasting and directional insertions for a more colorful and appealing display effect. It can also ensure content security through a multilayer encryption mechanism.


The system is secure and reliable. It uses the Linux embedded operating system, MD5 encryption for information transmission and multi-layer authority management for content play.
For stable program play, the terminal is complete with a hard drive in order to minimize reliance on the network. It incorporates a watchdog function for automatic recovery in the event of equipment failure. It can also download programs at pre-determined times and undertake traffic monitoring so as to download programs at idle times.
The network can be remotely monitored and can solve over 95% of any problems; It can be started and shut down remotely or at pre-determined times; Programs can be played at pre-determined times according to a playlist.
The play content can be set according to the region, location or engaged parties so as to enable better targeted and efficient focus communication. The display terminal can display the content in split screen in order to render the content more appealing.
Live broadcasts, regular broadcasts and emergency announcements: Upload video, images, texts (roll titles), PPT and other multimedia files to the server, edit, refine and enhance, and distribute to digital media playback terminals, set various play modes, including loop, regular, insertion, loop signal and live.

Application scenario

The system is widely used in the finance, telecom, hospitality, transportation, media and advertising sectors. It is primarily deployed in the lobbies of business premises, exhibition halls, lobbies of hotels and entertainment venues, meeting rooms, guest rooms, elevators, hallways, restaurants and conspicuous positions in other crowded places.

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