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Two-way upgrade of EOC equipment: DTEOC5001 DTEOC5104

The EOC consists of the DTEOC5001 office-end device (CBAT) and the DTEOC5104 terminal unit (CNU). It is an EOC (Ethernet over Coaxial) access device based on IEEE P1901/HOMEPLUG AV technology. The scheme can be used for two-way upgrades of broadcasting cable TV networks and broadband access to meet the requirements of NGB (next-generation broadcasting) TV networks and services, and fully capitalize on the bandwidth, costs and popularization advantages of cable TV networks.


It offers four 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interfaces and two F-type RF ports.
Utilize 7.5-30MHz low-band communication without affecting existing TV signals.
Provide a physical-layer rate of up to 200 Mbps, and a MAC-layer rate of up to 100 Mbps.
Support SNMP and SARFT standard MIB library.
Support VLAN (802.1Q), QoS (802.1p), IGMP and other layer 2 protocols.
Support remote management and automatic upgrades.

Application scenario

The EOC product is primarily targeted at the broadcasting HFC cable TV network upgrade and broadband access markets to help enable manageable and controllable NGB TV networks to carry video, audio and data services and accelerate tri-networks integration.

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