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Terminal Protocol Conformance Tester (PCT) ECT7310

ECT7310 is the latest TD-LTE terminal protocol conformance tester released by Datang Mobile. It can fully support 3GPP R9 2010-12 key specifications. RF and baseband parts are based on Datang Mobile’s third generation Universal Instrument Platform and users can extend support to a variety of communication standards through adding new boards. The tester is backward compatible with TD-SCDMA and GSM protocol conformance testers and can be extended to be forward compatible with LTE-Advanced. It’s now one of the most widely used terminal PCT that can support the most complete existing communication standards across the globe.

ECT7310 can be used for certified test house,a network operator, chipset makers’ development and system test. The tester can effectively enhance the performance of the IOT test between mobile terminal and wireless communication network.


General platform with outstanding scalability
Support TD-LTE modules
Extended to backward support TD-SCDMA module
Extended to backward support GSM module
Extended to forward support LTE-Advanced module
Fully support 3GPP R9 2010-12 protocol conformance test cases
TD-LTE functionality based on TTCN3 test case script specified by 3GPP
Perfectly meet the delay requirements specified in TS36.523 in each test case execution
TD-LTE functionality has complete L1 and L2 protocol stack features and test cases can be quickly increased
TD-SCDMA and GSM modules adopted TTCN2 script specified in 3GPP
Support TTCN2 and TTCN3 script switch
Support IRAT test between three communication standards
Completely user-friendly
Provide complete automatic test function via AT commands to complete batch testing
Convenient and practical test message analysis window to offer real-time view of each Interface Signaling
Detailed and comprehensive test logs and reports to easily position and analyze problems
Flexible combination of the script package to support customized cell config

Application scenario

Network operator test
Certifiy test house for network access test
Chipset or terminal makers’ development test

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