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TD-SCDMA Terminal Protocol Conformance Tester:ECT6210

ECT6210 TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance tester is DTmobile’s new-generation TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance testing system. Equipped with the latest instrument hardware platform of DTmobile, the tester, in full conformance with 3GPP TS34.123, can provide customers with a complete TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance testing solution. Thanks to excellent scalability, high test speed and accuracy, the system can also reduce the test costs to the lowest level.


ECT6210 takes the leading position in TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance certification
With its excellent performance in MIIT’s network access certification test and China Mobile’s terminal model selection test, ECT6210 is the only TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance test equipment designated by all major certification organizations.
ECT6210 fully supports the TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance test cases outlined in specification 3GPP TS 34.123
The design of test cases is strictly subject to relevant specifications, and application demands put forward by operators and MIIT can be met in accordance with their certification specifications and terminal model selections specification. As a result, ECT6210 supports the highest number of and the most comprehensive test cases in the area of TD-SCDMA terminal protocol conformance test, and all the released test cases are TCG certified.
ECT6210’s strong scalability makes the seamless evolution to TD-LTE possible and customer’s existing investment secured
ECT6210 terminal protocol conformance tester can realize its support for TD-LTE via seamless evolution programs, meeting the demands for terminal LTE protocol test while safe-guarding the customer’s existing investment.
Commonly adopted conformance test language TTCN is used to develop test scripts to achieve high efficiency and low cost
As the first protocol test instrument in TD-SCDMA area developed with TTCN, the full script architecture of ECT6210 is designed in TTCN2, giving the device both the desired leadership and flexibility. Besides, test case extension can be achieved quickly based on 3GPP evolution and customer’s request, at a lower cost and higher efficiency.
ECT6210 can be configured in different modes, providing customers a comprehensive solution for terminal protocol conformance test in TD-SCDMA area
ECT6210 terminal protocol conformance tester can provide two different solutions. One instrument can support either 3G test cases or GSM/TD-SCDMA IRAT test cases in order to meet the demands of parallel testing. Or, one instrument can support 3G test cases and IRAT test cases at the same time.
ECT6210 supports both manual and automated test modes, suitable for different applications such as R&D test and high efficiency certification test
ECT6210 supports both the automated control mode using terminal standard AT commands and the manual test case testing mode. In the first mode, terminal processes such as power on/off, PDP context activation, MO/MT call can be controlled in an automated way, enabling the customer with quick test case execution in a large quantity and at higher test efficiency, while in the latter mode the customer can easily realize the test of single test case.
Flexible test script package combination can be realized with ECT6210 in order to support the establishment of automated test case packages
The test case selection function and the test suite customization function greatly improve the test efficiency.
ECT6210 can provide complete and detailed test log and reports, making it easy for customers to locate and analyze problems quickly
Easy and accurate analysis of multi-layer signalling contents such as continuous NAS, RRC, and RLC, which leads to accurate positioning and analysis of problems.
Complete and detailed test logs and the related access function.
Supports the generation of test logs according to the terminal names and results, making the screening and searching of test logs easy for customers.
Easy recording, storage and classification of test results through automatic generation of test result lists which can be displayed in the formats such as EXCEL, PDF and Word.

Application scenario

Choice for CMCC’s terminal selection
ECT6210 has been used for CMCC’s terminal selection test and has conducted tests for hundreds of terminals.
The only recognized system that can meet all test requirements for CMCC’s terminal selection.
MIIT’s MTNet network access test
ECT6210 has been used as the only instrument for network access test and has tested hundreds of terminals.
ECT6210 will completely replace the IOT test system in MTNet network access test in protocol conformance test.
Well-recognized by terminal & chipset makers
? ECT6210 has been used in many terminal and chipset makers’ R&D and the accuracy has reached 100%.

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