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TD SCDMA Femtocell system products: TDF3000

Datang Mobile's TD TD-SCDMA Femtocell system (TDF3000) has been developed by Datang Mobile as a new-generation hardware platform. It retains the advantages of existing hardware platform products, and delivers superior integration, performance, bandwidth and flexibility. The TDF3000 end-to-end system consists mainly of security and media gateways, a network management system, an AAA server and Femtocell. Of these, the TD SCDMA Femtocell can access the system through various technologies. Major application scenarios include all types of residential dwellings and small office/home offices (SOHOs) right through to large commercial properties.


TDF331 is a 3G Femtocell device for small and medium enterprises as well as homes, which integrates TD-SCDMA, LAN and WLAN technologies to provide four levels of access service, namely data, voice, video and mobile communication services.

Coverage: The coverage diameter of the base station is 40-50 meters in open areas, and 10-20 meters indoors.
Service capability: It has the capacity to create an independent wireless environment to provide basic voice, video, data and mobile communication services. Users can avail themselves of convenient online entertainment, data downloads and other services via TD-3G handsets or TD-3G netbooks.
Plug and play (PNP): The system has a small form factor and is easy to install. The user only needs to plug in the power and broadband connection.
Automatic network planning and network optimization: After it has been switched on, the unit is allocated with optimum frequency points, codes and neighbor lists according to any measurement reports submitted by the base station for automatic network planning and optimization.
Management ability: It can carry out remote alert and power control.
It supports WIFI to enable wireless access in LAN.
The SW211 security gateway can effectively protect network security and user privacy.
Based on ATCA architecture, it is equipped with the most advanced security technology, and customized security gateway modules are embedded in the two-slot integrated border gateway chassis to provide a range of security features.
It features high availability (HA), can complete fault switching in seconds, and supports plug and play (PNP) components and in-service platform upgrades.
Small form factor and high capacity; It provides security management, user authentication, mobile IP connectivity management, security tunnel management and strategy enforcement.
It is compatible with IETF, IMS and 3GPP/3GPP2 open-standard protocols to allow flexible network deployment.

Application scenario

This product is primarily used for coverage in residential dwellings and large commercial properties.

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