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EXPT STA:Signaling Trace Analysis Tool

EXPT STA is the special software of used to Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA Systems track and analyze signaling. UE can build the specified task of tracking signaling, track UE call signaling across the network;to custom all call signaling cell tracking tasks;create Signaling interface type tracking task, according to type of transport protocol to establish tracking, ease of network planning and optimization and analysis of the problem position.


For positioning the problems of network optimization process
Provide evidence of a specific user security or to resolve customer complaints
Testing for new features
Analysis of terminal differentiation
Signaling Monitoring and problems of positioning , When the network opened or cutover
Simultaneously connect multiple RNC, tracking tasks to customize the signaling
Through the application of software solutions the problem of signaling tracking
Software configuration is simple, easy to operate, low maintenance costs
UE can be customized for the entire network for signaling track, flexible configuration tracking the target cell

Application scenario

Details for specific user-defined cross-RNC signaling tracking, analysis

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