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TD-SCDMA EB16 eBook: EB16

Developed by Datang Mobile, the TD-SCDMA EB16 eBook is a handheld electronic reader based on the TD-SCDMS/GSM network. It features an industry-leading TD wireless communication module, an advanced micro processing and control circuit, and the latest E-INK display technology to deliver a reading experience that rivals paper books for comfort and environmental-friendliness. It has a 6-inch E-INK electronic screen with resolution up to 800X600 pixels, display capacity of 16 shades of gray and almost 180 degrees of readable view. It supports txt, html, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, png and mp3 file formats. It enables users to write comments on text documents, and easily insert notes and remarks according to individual demands. It also has a document search function.


Support TD-SCDMA/GSM dual-mode automatic switching, and prioritize the TD network in a TD-SCDMA network environment.
It has a 6-inch E-INK electronic screen with resolution up to 800X600 pixels and display capacity of 16 shades of gray.
It supports txt, html, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, png and mp3 file formats.
Users can read books, original material, cartoons and other content either directly online or by downloading, and can also purchase and reserve e-books online.
When reading, users can highlight any content they want to mark for future ready reference.
The e-book has a bookmark function, both user bookmark and system bookmark, to enable users to quickly re-access content.
It has a number of interactive capabilities, including recommendation, comment, scoring, surveys and other such features.
It can synchronize personal information, as well as "my orders", "my favorites" and "my bookmarks" information to the platform.
TD-SCDMA/GSM network download; It can rapidly and efficiently download any content that users desire.

Application scenario

Suitable for reading during long trips; Education and training; Conference gifts; Leisure reading; Vacation reading; Tutorials, and so on.

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