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Focusing on triple play products and solutions, Datang Mobile supports various technologies and business models to enable interconnectivity, interoperability and resource sharing between mobile networks, broadcasting networks and internet to offer video, voice and data services.


Datang Mobile's EOC products are mainly targeted at the two-way HFC cable network upgrade and broadband access markets. They can be used for two-way upgrades of broadcasting cable TV networks and broadband access to meet the requirements of NGB (next-generation broadcasting) TV networks and services, and fully capitalize on the bandwidth, costs and popularization advantages of cable TV networks.


The Datang Mobile IPTrend DPI3000 system analyzes various QoE indicators including delay, bandwidth, number of connections, number of sessions, service type, connection success rate and failure reason, and controls QoS based on flexible and customizable strategies.

Multimedia Distribution System

Datang Mobile's multimedia distribution system has the capacity for multi-point automatic remote downloading of video advertising content, and can effect real-time updates of information distribution for a more colorful and appealing display effect. It can also ensure content security through a multilayer encryption mechanism.

TD Femto

The TD SCDMA Femtocell system (TDF3000) has been developed by Datang Mobile as a next-generation hardware platform. It retains the advantages of existing hardware platform products, and delivers superior integration, performance, bandwidth and flexibility.


Datang Mobile can provide a wide range of end-to-end EPON devices for users, including OLTs, ONUs and splitters.Of these, the OLT can provide up to 120 PON ports for carrier-class high-density access. Complete with many security features and bandwidth management capabilities, the OLT and ONU products deliver significantly improved reliability.

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    Nowadays, P2P flow accounts for 50-70% of total internet data flow. When streaming media and other services are factored in, data flow of new services is tremendous.

  • Multimedia Distribution System

    Datang Mobile's multimedia information distribution mode integrates the diversity and vitality of multimedia video information.

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