From inception to commercialization of TD-SCDMA as a 3G standard, Datang Mobile - the developer of the standard, owner of the core patent and major promoter of commercialization - has successfully explored a core technologies developmental path, with the foremost considerations being capacity enhancement ability and value creation so as to satisfy the demands of customers and facilitate the development of the mobile communication industry in China. This has laid a solid foundation for China to take a vocal place on the international mobile communication stage.

  • Innovation

    After more than 10 years of independent innovation, Datang Mobile now owns the patents for core TD-SCDMA and associated TD-LTE technologies. It is well positioned to lead and guide the development of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE technologies and standards.

  • Evolution

    As the major proposer, promoter and contributor of the TD-LTE Advanced standard, Datang Mobile has, due to its persistent efforts from the beginning, recorded some enviable achievements. TD-LTE-Advanced grew out of TD-LTE, and Datang Mobile was the major developer of TD-LTE technology and standards. Its exhaustive research into the enhancement of TD-LTE technology laid the groundwork for its continuing domination in the standardization of TD-LTE-Advanced technology and standards.

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