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Focus on innovation and on developing in leaps and bounds

From inception to commercialization of TD-SCDMA as a 3G standard, Datang Mobile - the developer of the standard, owner of the core patent and major promoter of commercialization - has successfully explored a core technologies developmental path, with the foremost considerations being capacity enhancement ability and value creation so as to satisfy the demands of customers and facilitate the development of the mobile communication industry in China. This has laid a solid foundation for China to take a vocal place on the international mobile communication stage.

Original innovation

After more than 10 years of independent innovation, Datang Mobile now owns the patents for core TD-SCDMA and subsequent TD-LTE technologies. It is well positioned to lead and guide the development of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE technologies and standards. Datang Mobile is currently the world leader in terms of proposed international TDD standards and acceptance rate. Its TD-LTE-Advanced has been embraced by the International Telecommunication Union as a standard for 4G technology.

Datang Mobile seeks to continuously improve its level of innovation, and to this end is actively engaged in a number of key national research programs. The company attaches great importance to improving its innovative spirit and associated underpinning skills to enable solid development of its core businesses. Due to this focus Datang Mobile now plays a crucial role in enabling innovation in China.

Strategic innovation

As a TD-SCDMA industry leader, Datang Mobile shares its core technologies by opening the source codes. It has also formed TD-SCDMA industry alliances with renowned communication players such as Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, CECT, and Potevio in an endeavor to facilitate the progress of the entire industry, and to form a complete mobile communication industry chain dominated by Chinese companies.

Datang Mobile has its sights set on the top-end of the mobile communication industry, focusing on strategic new sectors such as Internet of Things (IOT), triple play and so on. Its business model promotes product innovation through total solutions, and incorporates systematic (as distinct from ad hoc) innovation to further enhance its overall core competency and to foster innovative industrial development as one of its core values.

Collaborative innovation

With a lateral thinking approach, Datang Mobile has pursued multi-layer, multi-faceted and multi-mode exchange and cooperation with Alcatel Shanghai Bell, Fiberhome, Ericsson, the South Korean SK Group, France Telecom, Agilent and other domestic and foreign interests to promote technological innovation, information sharing and industry-wide development.

A leading State-owned high-tech company, Datang Mobile engages extensively in collaboration with enterprises and authorities in industry, mining, oil, nuclear power and agriculture to further promote the convergence of TD-SCDMS and IOT.

Forging ahead with determination to expand into new markets

Professional services to ensure the world's largest TDD network

Over 20 million mobile phone users in China currently access 3G services via the TD-SCDMA network. As a leading TD-SCDMA system equipment supplier, Datang Mobile cooperates closely with CMSS to provide high-quality TD network solutions and integrated services in more than 20 provinces so as to deliver cutting edge, exciting and convenient information communication services to consumers. In addition, as CMCC is in the process of building a nationwide TD-SCDMA network, Datang Mobile is collaborating closely with China Mobile on more than 100 innovative projects, furthering the application of TD-SCDMA across different frontiers, regions and industries.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Datang Mobile worked together with CMCC to ensure superior communication throughout the venues and provide reliable, high-quality and diverse mobile communication services with its stable TD-SCDMA system equipment, premium network engineering services and extensive expertise.

Datang Mobile is also partnering with CMCC to deploy the world's largest trial TD-LTE network. Having secured the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Datang Mobile is building a trial TD-LTE network in Nanjing, thereby becoming one of the first certified communication equipment providers. As a long-term strategic partner of CMCC, Datang Mobile is providing a range of new, high-quality services empowered by its superior TD-SCDMA technology to more effectively drive the information industry in Jiangsu Province.

Making headway in overseas markets

The successful networking and operational experience in China together with the favorable costs of "Made in China" has created ideal conditions for the expansion of TD-SCDMA in overseas markets. Capitalizing on the low-cost/high-quality TD-SCDMA network developed in China by the world's largest mobile operator, Datang Mobile is actively collaborating with overseas operators on international supply chain, delivery, service and marketing to enable the deployment of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE in the international sphere.

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